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    • From The Desk of Our Pastor

      Do YOU Have A Shrine?

      By Art Good, 2-5-14

      Recently a woman my wife works with (Hi Vicky), told me she had some books to give me.  Her husband, a former pastor, passed away about a year and a half ago.  Vicky wanted his books to remain in circulation and wanted them to be used in ministry.  So, last week my wife and I hopped in the car and drove to her home. We were led into the living room where a wall of boxes, each filled with books, awaited.  I began to look through the books while we all talked and got to know each other better.

      At some point the conversation turned to my weekly practice at church where I harrass Redskin fans.  As soon as I mentioned mocking the Redskins, Vicky and her daughter both looked at me with horrified faces.  I knew instantly that I had treaded on sacred ground.  Vicky stood up and instructed me to follow her to the basement.

      At the bottom of the stairs I was met with the first of many items honoring the Redskins.  Plaques, statues and stuffed animals lined the walls and shelves; each item bearing the familiar logo of the Redskins. The room was littered with autographed footballs, playing cards and Wheaties boxes, all things commemorating past victories, memorable seasons and a Superbowl win.

      I knew I had entered into the Redskins Holy of Holies.  Although I had never met Vicky's husband, I discovered something that had been near and dear to his heart.  He loved the Redskins.  He cherished them.  He adored them.  This single room stood as a testiment of his incredible attachment to HIS team.

      As I pulled out of the driveway, boxes of books in the trunk, I asked myself, "What "shrine" exists to show people how much I love Jesus?  Is there an area of my life that reveals the depth of my love for Him?  Could people peer into the "room" of my attitudes and see Jesus?  How about the area of my life reserved for the things I watch and read.  Is there evidence there that I adore Jesus?  How about my calendar?  Does how I spend my time reveal how much I care for God?  Would my bank statement stand as a testimony of my love for Jesus?

      Take a few moments and ask yourself, "What in MY life reveals my love for God?"  Does even your church attendance suggest a deep and intimate love, or does it reflect casual dating, and more "I like Him", rather than "I LOVE Him"? 

      My prayer for each individul reading this article is that you would begin to gather evidence of your love for Christ!  That your life would become a living shrine to Him!  And others would see the depth of your love and commitment to Him each time they see you!




    • What's Coming Up...

      Come and see why we call our Sunday Morning Service CELEBRATE!

      We invite you to check it out and discover why we chose that name. Let me give you a hint... we believe Christians ought to be happy, celebrating people! We have all seen too many people who claim to have a relationship with Christ, have their sins forgiven, on their way to heaven, who look like poster children for depression. Christians have problems and challenges, but we also have HOPE!! We encourage you to decide to live life with overflowing hearts in spite of your circumstances! To make the choice to choose to worship in the warm, wonderful Virginia summertime as well as the wintery storms that break through the mountains. We invite you to come and discover the joy of celebrating life and the hope that can be yours! Come as you are and experience the God who loves you more than you know. It will change your life!

    • Ministry Opportunities

        Property Team- We are looking for people who will work alongside our Church Trustees to help us take better care of the physical properties of the church, plan and execute renovations, mowing of our lot and field, participate and help schedule church-wide work days, as well as routine repairs and general maintenance. If you are interested please call the church office and leave a message with any of our church Trustees: Mark Lloyd , Lisa Smith or Ken Hash.


      Connections Team- We are looking for individuals who can help us plan and execute outreach and promotional events four times per year as opportunities for the church to fellowship and newcomers to become relationally connected. If you are interested please call the church office and someone will return your call asap!

      Worship Team Members Needed

      Is music and/or worship your thing? Then we would love to talk with you aboutjoining our Worship Team! We provide the music and lead Worship at CELEBRATE our 10:30 service, Practices are Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 7 pm., and again Sunday mornings from 9:00 - 9:30 am. If you are interested please contact us at 540-366-5053 or 540-819-9880. We are always looking for sound and/video technicians (training provided in Media Shout, PowerPoint and on the sound board). 
       Children and Youth Singers and Instrumentalists Wanted!

       If you are willing to "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" we want to give you the opportunity. We are always on the lookout for new voices for our adult choir which performs one Sunday Night per month as well as a Children's Choir for pre-teens and a Teen Choir for youth in grades 6-12. Also, our Youth Group "SOX" (Soldiers of Christ) have a rockin' Praise Team of their own to lead Thursday night Youth Worship. Interested, Call Pastor Art! 
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